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10_Royalty of the Unknown (but highly speculated dark matter/energy)

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

As a science FICTION author… why do I enjoy playing in the vast and wonderful playground of dark matter and dark energy?

Simple answer, we have no idea what the hell it is. If that’s not perfect fodder for a sci-fi author, nothing is. Imagine walking out your front door, looking around and realizing you have absolutely no idea what 95% (25% dark matter +70% dark energy) of what’s around you, is. Humans have come up with many interesting hypotheses and theories, but so have science FICTION authors!

I’ll leave you with this last theory and for me, an image of the ‘Darkness consuming her minions.’ Dark Energy is eating Dark Matter.

Once again my fellow lovers of all things that hail from that which is unknown… dark matter and dark energy are royalty.


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