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101_IAIN's Evolution (stick w/ me)

“Enjoyed DARKNESS, but loved LIGHT. Could you explain the differences in how you constructed the flow of the books. It seems similar, but LIGHT was shorter, but just as mind-bending, with a bit more pace.” (Insightful! Micah of NYC, USA)

DARKNESS took me close to a decade (8-yrs?) to ‘process & complete.’ I’ve always been a writer, but becoming an author was a full-on voyage on the pain-train (it kicked my ass). To say the process was humbling is a vast understatement. I’m proud of my first novel (DARKNESS) and it taught me how much I need to learn and practice to get better. Like the rest of us, I'm always trying to improve.

For me, LIGHT is sleek, lean and fast-paced. It’s the type of book I enjoy reading and love writing! This is the style of my writing when channeled and honed a bit. BATAL, Volume I of the Spartan Chronicles is similar in its pace and story-world building. LIGHT could not exist in its finished form without all of the ‘heavy lifting’ that takes place throughout DARKNESS. I look at DARKNESS as the launchpad from which LIGHT and SHADOW (late 2021) will go forth and explore the Oortian system.

Happy you enjoyed it and know that future installments in the Oortian Wars and Spartan Chronicles will reflect this pace, length and construction (and as many mind-bending concepts as possible).

Thank you for your question and support. Much appreciated.

Cheers, Micah!

– Iain


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