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LIGHT, Book Two of the Oortian Wars

by Iain Richmond

It’s been three years rotating a skeleton crew in and out of hiber-sleep on the long-haul back to earth. The Anam Cara receives a ‘CODE BLACK’ message ordering Falco and his crew to rendezvous with Admiral Hallsworth at a covert location near Jupiter. 

With the hint of a new powerful ally, Captain Falco and the UN could be back on the offensive to protect the Solar System from the expansion of the Oortian civilization... but with each Oortian loss, the Darkness learns and evolves.

What Falco and the UN will face on their return to the Kuiper Belt will be unlike anything they have seen before.


DARKNESS, Book One of the Oortian Wars

by Iain Richmond

Lieutenant Jack Falco woke up, said goodbye to his wife and daughter, three hours later, his family and half the world's population was dead. When he couldn't put a bullet in his head, Falco did the next best thing, took a commission as captain and left for humanity's furthest boundary, Station Pluto. 


Five years in a scout-class boat refitted for the long haul, and Falco escapes the horrors of earth only to find something worse waiting in the vast Oort Cloud, an ancient civilization with a history of violent expansion and humanity has unwittingly entered their territory. 



BATAL, Volume I of the Spartan Chronicles

'A post-apocalyptic series'

by Iain Richmond

'400 years after a nuclear war, an island fortress stands alone as humanity’s last hope… a young warrior with a powerful secret begins a quest to unite those left who would stand against the coming darkness.' 

In the near future, a world of fortified island nations is all that remains. Separated by walls that climb towards the clouds and vast stretches of dangerous seas, each nation stands alone against a growing force bent on destruction. Desperate to unite the clans, Batal Spartan and a group of Skye Stones bravest warriors set out to build a force to battle the spreading evil.




by Iain Richmond

Ninety days after Dr. Kalan Bauro warned humanity of the increasing possibility of the earth releasing an 'immune reaction...' most of humanity has fallen. Consumed by the Whistlers. Off the coast of Scotland, on the Isle of Arran, a group of refugees hangs by a thread behind the walls of a great fortress. No matter the cost, they stand and refuse to yield.


short stories


BEYOND TERRA: Tales from the Seven Worlds

by Iain Richmond


Anthology of seven short stories that begin with lovers swimming in the depths of the Great Waves of the water-world Kworn and with each passing page, and each passing tale, darkness sweeps in. Battles are waged, worlds are scraped clean to begin anew and in Terra's not so distant future, humanity uses its own to test the biological limits of the human body.


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