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100_U.N. Takes the Gloves Off

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

“Why the United Nations?” (Great question, Avril M. of Marseille, France)

First off, the Oortian Wars begin with a horrific attack on the human population. After the dust (ash) settles, billions are dead and most of the fallen are the ‘tech-tied’ parts of our global society (those who can afford the LINK).

Space exploration and militarization (sadly–the second will eventually follow the first) is insanely expensive and why the largest corporations on earth will soon do most of the heavy lifting in tech and funding to get our sacks of flesh out of earth’s atmosphere and beyond. One of the other viable scenarios is for countries to band together and share costs, tech, and human-power.

Imagine if a newly minted United Nations powered by China, Western Europe, Oceania and the United States (and other nations) took their ‘gloves off?’ No longer a ‘peacekeeping force’ but aggressively pursuing ‘space exploration & cosmic asset acquisition.’ To defend their ‘galactic stakes & holdings,’ they become a first-response military juggernaut? Another aspect of choosing the United Nations is more of personal fascination with a global entity that conjures both loathing and hope in equal measure. Between those emotions lies a fascinating struggle (always comes back to light and dark, good versus evil).

The olive branches and blue field would elicit an entirely different response upon approach.

Throughout human history, ‘explorers’ have met with feasts or ferocity.

And such is the backdrop for the OORTIAN WARS.




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