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110_a KICK to the RIBS (Creators Switch)

“Hello Iain. You have three novels and one anthology. Which is your favorite and why? Looking forward to your next book.” (Cian of Limerick, Ireland)

Hmmm… like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. I like it!

I love all of my books/stories... BUT, I would go with ‘Creator Switch.’ It’s a short story (Beyond Terra), with a ‘kick to the ribs’ at the end, that stayed with me for quite some time. Possibly because it reminded me of my job at the time I wrote it. The story and characters felt personal–probably were. That’s the soul or spirit of writing. With each tale, storyworld and character, authors are sharing a piece of themselves. Love it or hate it, as a reader, you’re joining in an intimate dance with the author that meanders through every emotion and some of it (much of it?) is based on their lives, their experiences or the actions of those that surround them.

We all live a bit in the fringes. Our life-path touches, runs, crosses and, if we’re lucky, parallels (love interests) others.

Thank you for your question and support.

Cheers, Cian!

– Iain


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