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Iain Richmond is a writer, prolific SciFi reader, a man of the people, and author of two new post-apocalyptic series, Spartan Chronicles and Oortian Wars.


After spending his first life as a trained designer of small buildings, Iain now enjoys world-building, writing science fiction novels, and short stories. His latest novel, BATAL, Volume I of the Spartan Chronicles released in late 2019 with his second installment of the Oortian Wars (DARKNESS was the first) following, late 2020.


Iain has visited (often worked) where his novels take place (earth only… for now). He spent months in Malta and Africa learning of the history and following in the footsteps of his characters before writing, BATAL, Volume I of the Spartan Chronicles. He remains an avid student of boxing and feels at home trekking into primitive wilderness. Iain is a lifelong and proud space geek that holds tight to the dream that a ‘warp drive’ will be hand-delivered (three fingers) by a great alien civilization one day soon.


Iain works and writes from his small ranch in northern California. He spends much of his free time traveling with his wife (much better half) and Rónán (aka Devil Dog), his Bernese Mountain Dog.  He also brews a mean hard cider (drinks one too).


Writing, designing, and building storyworlds is what he does. Darkness, Book One of the Oortian Wars is his first novel with many more on the way. 


He loves hearing from readers and does his best to answer every email (bring your constructive criticism, and don't hold back)

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