BATAL, Volume I of the Spartan Chronicle's

'a post-apocalyptic series'

by Iain Richmond

illustration by Gerónimo Ribaya


400 years ago the missiles fell from the sky like rain. Ninety-nine percent of humanity is cleansed from the earth by fire and water. For those that survived the rolling firestorms and mountain-sized rogue waves, the radiation set in. Hunting and attacking every living cell, always searching, always waiting. Small pockets of humans evolved to live with the radiation and even thrive within its presence. Their DNA strengthened by their proximity to nuclear power plants, test sites, and ancient wars. To survive, communities searched and traded for DNA resistant to radiation. Batal Spartan travels from the fortress island of Skye Stone off the coast of northern Africa to the Hiroshima Archipelago in search of a woman from his past who has chosen him as her partner. All Batal must do, is avoid the Northern Horde hunting his group, survive the creatures of the sea, prove his worth to her clan and make it back to Skye Stone alive.


DARKNESS, Book One of the Oortian Wars

by Iain Richmond

Artwork by Jeff Brown Graphics


Published by ROGUE PLANET Publishing

eBook (Kindle) hardcover/paperback  (Ingram), Published January 1, 2019


Lieutenant Jack Falco woke up, said goodbye to his wife and daughter, three hours later, his family and half the world's population was dead. When he couldn't put a bullet in his head, Falco did the next best thing, took a commission as captain and left for humanity's furthest boundary, Station Pluto. 


Five years in a scout-class boat refitted for the long haul, and Falco escapes the horrors of earth only to find something worse waiting in the vast Oort Cloud, an ancient civilization with a history of violent expansion and humanity has unwittingly entered their territory. 


Beyond Terra, Tales of the Seven Worlds by Iain Richmond

BEYOND TERRA: Tales from the Seven Worlds

by Iain Richmond

Artwork by James E. Grant


Published by ROGUE PLANET Publishing

ISBN 978-1946807007

eBook now available


Anthology of seven short stories that begin with lovers swimming in the depths of the Great Waves of the water-world Kworn and with each passing page, and each passing tale, darkness sweeps in. Battles are waged, worlds are scraped clean to begin anew and in Terra's not so distant future, humanity uses its own to test the biological limits of the human body.



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