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Beyond Terra, Ian Richmond, Science Fiction, short stories

BEYOND TERRA: Tales from the Seven Worlds

by Iain Richmond

illustrations James E. Grant


Published by ROGUE PLANET Publishing

ISBN 978-1-946807-00-7 (paperback)

eBook now available


Anthology of seven short stories that begin with lovers swimming in the depths of the Great Waves of the water-world Kworn and with each passing page, and each passing tale, darkness sweeps in. Battles are waged, worlds are scraped clean to begin anew and in Terra's not so distant future, humanity uses its own to test the biological limits of the human body.




An engaging, creative and dark series of shorts that leaves you wanting for more.  

- Louie C.


Evocative illustrations, complex storylines and compelling characters.  The Blender and Warrior in Clownpants challenge your humanity in a most uncomfortable way.  

- Rolland H.



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